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Title Author ISBN No. Remarks
Gadget Warfare F. Clifton Berry, Jr. 0553345478-S Technological advances in warfare.
(The Illustrated History of the Vietnam War series)
Game Wardens of Vietnam Turner Publishing Company 1563111837-H
Gem-NAM Vet
Soldier's Account of the Vietnam War, A
Gary E. Morgan 1934020044-S  
Gender & the War
Men, Women & Viet Nam
Jacqueline Lawson 1885215037-S  
General Issue Blues, Vietnam to Here
Warrior's Tour, A
Sonny Gratzer 0915945029-S  
Ghosts and Shadows
Marine in Vietnam, A
Phil Ball 0786405058-S Personal narrative. U.S.M.C.
Ghosts of the Highlands, The
1st Cav LRRPs in Vietnam
Kregg P.J. Jorgenson 0804115974-S U.S. Army LRRPs. H Co., 1st Cavalry Division. 1966.
GI Diary David Parks   Personal narrative. U.S. Army armor.
G.I. Resister
Story of How One American Soldier and His Family Fought the War in Vietnam, The
Dick Perrin, Tim McCarthy 1552128512-S  
Girl in the Picture
Story of Kim Phuc, The
Subject of the Most Enduring Image of the Vietnam War, The
Denise Chong 067088040X-H  
GI's Vietnam Diary Dominick Yezzo   Personal narrative. U.S. Army. 1st Cavalry Division.
Give Peace a Chance
Exploring the Vietnam Antiwar Movement
William D. Hoover,
Melvin Small
Glory Denied
Saga of Jim Thompson, America's Longest-Held Prisoner of War, The
Tom Philpott 0393020126-H  
Going Downtown
War against Hanoi and Washington, The
Jack Broughton 0671678620-S  
Gone Native
NCO's Story, An
Alan Cornett 0804116377-S  
Good to Go
Life and Times of a Decorated Member of the U.S. Navy's Elite SEAL Team Two, The
Harry Constance,
Randall Fuerst
Granny and the Eskimo
Angels in Vietnam
Jim Rowell 0759647976-S  
Green Beret in Vietnam
Gordon L. Rottman 1855325683-S  
Green Berets, The Robin Moore 0517507145-H
Green Berets at War
U.S. Army Special Forces in Asia
Shelby L. Stanton 0891415742-S  
Grey Eight in Vietnam Anthony Clunies-Ross 0642949034-  8th Battalion, Royal Australian Regiment in Vietnam.
Grief Denied
Vietnam Widow's Story, A
Pauline Laurent 0967142407-S  
Ground Attack-Vietnam
Marines Who Controlled the Skies, The
J.M. Moriarty 0804110654-S Personal narrative. U.S.M.C. Marine Observation Squadron II (VMO-2).
Ground War Vietnam
Vol. 1
Jim Mesko,
Alan Welch
0897472519-S (Vietnam Studies Group)
Ground War Vietnam
Vol. 2
Jim Mesko 0897472888-S (Vietnam Studies Group)
Growing Up in Vietnam
Lessons in Life Learned from the Vietnam War
Thomas J. Vogel 0967874602-S  
Grunt Padre, The
Services and Sacrifices of Father Vincent Capodanno
Father Daniel Mode 1891280082-S Story of U.S. Navy chaplain, Lt. Vincent Capodanno, who was posthumously awarded the Medal of Honor for his actions in Quang Tri province in 1967.
U.S. Infantry in Vietnam
Christopher J. Anderson 1853673269-S Illustrated history of the American soldier's uniform and equipment in Vietnam.
(G.I. Series: 13)
Grunts, The Charles R. Anderson 0891410031-H
An account of B Co., 1/3 Marines in April 1969.
Gunning for Ho
Vietnam Stories
H. Lee Barnes 0874173469-S (Western Literature Series)
Guns Up Johnnie M. Clark 0345315073-S
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Title Author ISBN No. Remarks
Hamburger Hill
Brutal Battle for Dong Ap Bia
May 11-20, 1969
Samuel Zaffiri 0891412891-H
Operation Apache Snow in the A Shau Valley.
Hard Men Humble
Vietnam Veterans Who Wouldn't Come Home
Jonathan Stevenson 0684842645-H  
Hard to Forget
American with the Mobile Guerrilla Force in Vietnam, An
Steven M. Yedinak 0804118094-S Personal narrative. U.S. Army Green Berets. 1966.
Harvesting Pa Chay's Wheat
Hmong and America's Secret War in Laos, The
Keith Quincy 0910055610-H  
Harvest of Fear
History of Australia's Vietnam War, A
John Murphy 0813320399-S  
Stories from the 1st Sq 9th Cav, in Vietnam 1965-1971
Matthew Brennan 0891413006-H
Healing From the War
Trauma and Transformation after Vietnam
Arthur Egendorf 0395377013-H
Psychological study of war trauma especially as it related to Vietnam.
Heart of a Man
Naval Pilot's Vietnam Diary, A
Frank Elkins 1557502242-H
Personal narrative. U.S. Navy A-4 pilot. USS Oriskany. 1966.
Helicopters John Guilmartin, Jr.
Michael O'Leary
0553345060-S (The Illustrated History of the Vietnam War series, Vol. 11)
Hell In An Loc
The 1972 Easter Invasion and the Battle That Saved South Viet Nam
Lam Quang Thi 1410775151-S From the perspective of former ARVN general Lam Quang Thi.
Hell No, We Won't Go
Vietnam Draft Resisters in Canada
Alan Haig-Brown 1551920115-S  
Herbicidal Warfare
RANCH HAND Project in Vietnam, The
Paul Frederick Cecil 0275920070-H  
Her Majesty's Vietnam Soldier Guy Bransby 1854211676-H  
Hero Found
The Greatest POW Escape of the Vietnam War
Bruce Henderson 0061571377-S Story of Navy pilot Dieter Dengler and his escape from a Laos prison camp.
Heroes of Our Time
239 Men of the Vietnam War Awarded the Medal of Honor
Kenneth N. Jordan 0887407412-H  
Heroes Who Fell from Grace
True Story of Operation Lazarus, the Attempt to Free American POWs from Laos in 1982, The
Charles J. Patterson,
G. Lee Tippin
Hidden History of the Vietnam War, The John Prados 1566630797-H
Hill Fights, The
First Battle of Khe Sanh, The
Edward F. Murphy 0891417478-H  
His Name Was Donn
My Brother's Letters from Vietnam
Evelyn Sweet-Hurd    
Historical Atlas of the Vietnam War Harry G. Summers,
Stanley Karnow
0395722233-H Comprehensive atlas of the war with historical summary and chronology of significant events.
Historical Dictionary of the Vietnam War Edwin E. Moise 0810841835-H  
History of the 3rd Brigade 82nd Airborne Division, The
February 1968 to March 1969
William Porter,
Thomas Fairfull
History of the Vietnam War Douglas Welsh 0671068148-H  
Hit My Smoke!
Forward Air Controllers in Southeast Asia
Jan Churchill 089745216X-H
Hollywood's Vietnam Gilbert Adair 0862761018-H  
Home Before Morning
Story of an Army Nurse in Vietnam, The
Lynda Van Devanter 0825301327-H
Personal narratives. U.S. Army nurses. Pleiku. 1969-1970.
When the Soldiers Returned from Vietnam
Bob Greene 0345364082-S  
Stories from Australian Vietnam Veterans and Their Wives
Australian Government Publishing Service (Editor) 064410709X-S  
Home from the War
Learning from Vietnam Veterans
Robert J. Lifton 0807055050-S  
Home from the War
Memoir of a Walking Dead Survivor
Thomas P. Evans 0595127029-S  
Home from the War
Vietnam Veterans:
Neither Victims nor Executioners
Robert J. Lifton 0465030513-S  
Home Front
Women and Vietnam
Barthy Byrd 0915288525-S  
Home to War
History of the Vietnam Veterans' Movement, A
Gerald Nicosia 0812991036-H  
Honorable Warrior
General Harold K. Johnson and the Ethics of Command
Lewis Sorley 0700608869-H
Honor and Sacrifice
Montagnards of Ba Cat Vietnam, The
Anthony J. Blondell 1555715338-H  
Honor Bound
American Prisoners of War in Southeast Asia
Stuart I. Rochester,
Frederick T. Kiley
Honor the Warrior
United States Marine Corps in Vietnam, The
William L. Myers 0967436508-H  
Hostile Fire
Life and Death of Lt. Sharon Lane, The
Philip Bigler 0918339375-H The story of Lt. Sharon Lane, the only American servicewoman killed in Vietnam by direct enemy action.
House of Purple Hearts, The
Stories of Vietnam Vets Who Find Their Way Back
Paul Solotaroff 0788151746-H Story of the New England Shelter for Homeless Veterans founded by two Vietnam veterans.
House to House
Playing the Enemy’s Game in Saigon
May 1968
Keith Nolan 0760323305H  
Howard's Hill and Other True Stories
Small Unit Marine Action in Vietnam
Diane Publishing Company (Editor) 0941375137-S  
How Far's the Enemy? Chuck Dean    
How It Was
Vietnam Story, A
John Patrick O'Hara 1555715168-H  
How the War Was Remembered
Hollywood & Vietnam
Albert Auster, Leonard Quart 0275923835-H  
How We Lost the Vietnam War Nguyen Cao Ky 0815412223-S  
Human Adaptation to Extreme Stress
From the Holocaust to Vietnam
John P. Wilson 0306428733-H  
Humidity Moon
Short Stories of the Vietnam War
Michael W. Ridriquez 1877603546-S  
Hundred Feet over Hell, A
Flying with the Men of the 220th Recon Airplane Company Over I Corps and the DMZ
Vietnam 1968-1969
Jim Hooper 0760336334-H  
Hundred Miles of Bad Road, A
Armored Cavalryman in Vietnam, An
Dwight W. Birdwell,
Keith William Nolan
Hunger of the Heart
Communion at the Wall
Larry Powell 0964191946-S Photographs and commentary on "gifts" left at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial.
Hunter Killer Squadron
Aero-weapons, Aero-scouts, Aero-rifles, Vietnam
Matthew Brennan (Editor) 0891413944-H
Personal narratives. U.S. Army helicopter crews. 1st Squadron/9th Cavalry.
Hunters and Shooters
Oral History of the U.S. Navy SEALs in Vietnam, An
Bill Fawcett (Editor) 0688126642-H
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Title Author ISBN No. Remarks
If I Die in a Combat Zone
Box Me up and Ship Me Home
Tim O'Brien 0440038537-H
Illumination Rounds
Teaching the Literature of the Vietnam War
Larry R. Johannessen 0814122728-S  
Illustrated Guide to the Air War over Vietnam, An Bernard Nalty 0668053461-H  
Illustrated History of the Vietnam War, The Chris McNab,
Andy Wiest
Illustrated History of the Vietnam War, The
Air Cav
F. Clinton Berry, Jr. 0553345699-S 1st Cavalry Division.
Illustrated History of the Vietnam War, The
James R. Arnold 0553343475-S  
Illustrated History of the Vietnam War, The
James R. Arnold 055334319X-S  
Illustrated History of the Vietnam War, The
Carrier Operations
Edward J. Marolda 0553343483-S U.S. Seventh Fleet at Yankee and Dixie Stations.
Illustrated History of the Vietnam War, The
F. Clifton Berry, Jr. 0553345079-S 196th Light Infantry Brigade.
Illustrated History of the Vietnam War, The
John L. Cooke 0553345508-S Medical evacuation helicopters.
Illustrated History of the Vietnam War, The
Gadget Warfare
F. Clifton Berry, Jr. 0553345478-S Technological advances in warfare.
Illustrated History of the Vietnam War, The
John Guilmartin, Jr.,
Michael O'Leary
Illustrated History of the Vietnam War, The
Khe Sahn
Michael Ewing 0553344587-S  
Illustrated History of the Vietnam War, The
Edwin H. Simmons 055334448X-S  
Illustrated History of the Vietnam War, The
Personal Firepower
Edward C. Ezell 0553345494-S  
Illustrated History of the Vietnam War, The
James R. Arnold 0553345095-S  
Illustrated History of the Vietnam War, The
Riverine Forces
John Forbes,
Robert Williams
0553343173-S "Brown-water" navy.
Illustrated History of the Vietnam War, The
Robert F. Dorr 0553345386-S A-1 Skyraider.
Illustrated History of the Vietnam War, The
Sky Soldiers
F. Clifton Berry, Jr. 0553343203-S 173rd Airborne Brigade.
Illustrated History of the Vietnam War, The
Strike Aircraft
F. Clifton Berry, Jr. 0553345087-S  
Illustrated History of the Vietnam War, The
Tunnel Warfare
Tom Mangold,
John Penycate
Images from the Otherland
Memoir of a United States Marine Corps Artillery Officer in Vietnam
Kenneth P. Sympson 0786401443-S  
Imprisoned or Missing in Vietnam
Policies of the Vietnamese Government Concerning Captured and Unaccounted for United States Soldiers
Lewis M. Stern 0786401214-H  
In Country Bobbie Ann Mason 0006541763-S  
In Country
Remembering the Vietnam War
John Prados (Editor) 1566638682-H  
From America's Chokehold on the NVA Lifelines to the Sacking of the Cambodian Sanctuaries
J.D. Coleman 0312058772-H Historical narrative of the Cambodian incursion of 1970 starting with III Corps interdiction campaigns in 1968.
Indiana Remembers
Veterans of Korean & Vietnam Wars Honored with Twin Memorials
James R. Hetherington 1886154333-H  
Infantry Brigade in Combat, The
First Brigade, 25th Infantry Division ("Tropic Lightning") in the Third Viet Cong-North Vietnamese Army Offensive
August 1968
Duquesne A. Wolf 0897450531-S  
Infantry in Vietnam
Small Unit Actions in the Early Days
Albert N. Garland (Editor) 0515080543-S  
In Good Company
One Man's War in Vietnam
Gary McKay 0043550266-H  
In Love and War
Story of a Family's Ordeal and Sacrifice during the Vietnam Years, The
Jim Stockdale,
Sybil Stockdale
0870213083-H The story of Jim Stockdale, the Navy's highest ranking POW during the Vietnam War, and his family.
In Pharaoh's Army
Memories of the Lost War
Tobias Wolff,
Luann Walther (Editor)
0679760237-S Personal narrative. U.S. Army advisor. Mekong Delta.
In Retrospect
Tragedy and Lessons of Vietnam, The
Robert S. McNamara,
Brian VanDeMark
Inside Force Recon
Recon Marines in Vietnam
Michael Lee Lanning,
Ray W. Stubbe
Inside Hanoi's Secret Archives
Solving the MIA Mystery
Malcolm McConnell 0671871188-H  
Inside Television's First War
Saigon Journal, A
Ron Steinman 0826214193-H  
Inside the Crosshairs
Snipers in Vietnam
Michael Lee Lanning 0804116202-S Background of U.S. snipers in Vietnam.
Inside the LRRPs
Rangers in Vietnam
Michael Lee Lanning 0804101663-S  
Inside the VC and the NVA
Real Story of North Vietnam's Armed Forces, The
Michael Lee Lanning 0804105006-S  
How America Became Involved in Vietnam
George Kahin 039454367X-H  
In the Combat Zone
Oral History of American Women in Vietnam, An
Kathryn Marshall (Editor) 0316547077-H Personal narratives. Women in Vietnam.
In the Company of Marines
A Surgeon Remembers Vietnam
James O. Finnegan, M.D. 0557066395-S Personal narrative; 1967-1968; U.S.M.C.; 3rd Marine Division.
In the Field
Language of the Vietnam War, The
Linda Reinburg 0816022143-H
The terms and vocabulary of the Vietnam War.
In Their Defense
U.S. Soldiers in the Vietnam War
Pham Kim Vinh 0932729029-S  
In the Ocean's Dark Embrace Lex McCauley   The Royal Australian Navy Clearance Diving Team 3 helped clear North Vietnamese mines.
In the Shadow of the Wall
Vietnam Stories That Might Have Been
Byron R. Tetrick (Editor) 1581822529-S  
In the Shadow of Vietnam
W. D. Ehrhart 0899506119-S  
Into a Black Sun Takeshi Kaiko 0870116096-S The Vietnam War from the Japanese perspective.
Into Cambodia
Spring Campaign, Summer Offensive, 1970
Keith William Nolan 0891413685-H
Into Laos
Story of Dewey Canyon II/Lam Son 719, The
Vietnam 1971
Keith William Nolan 0891412476-H  
Into the Mouth of the Tiger
Story of Lance Sijan, The
Hero of Vietnam
Malcolm McConnell 0393018997-H  
Into the Quagmire
Lyndon Johnson & the Escalation of the Vietnam War
Brian Vandemark 0195065069-H  
Inventing Vietnam
War in Film and Television, The
Michael Anderegg 0877228612-H
I Refuse
Memories of a Vietnam War Objector
Donald L. Simons 0962002429-H  
Irony of Vietnam, The
System Worked, The
Leslie H. Gelb,
Richard K. Betts
I Served Don C. Hall,
Annette R. Hall
1552124894-S Personal narrative. U.S. Army. Company F, 51st Long Range Patrol (Airborne) Infantry. 1967-1968.
Issues of the Heart
Memoirs of an Artilleryman in Vietnam
Howard Olsen 0899505066-H Personal narrative. U.S. Army.
It Took Heroes
One Chaplain's Story and Tribute to Combat Veterans and Those Who Waited for Them
Claude Newby 1555173926-H
It Took Heroes
Volume 2
Continuing the Story and Tribute to Those Who Endured the Darkest Days of Vietnam
Claude Newby 0967843111-S  
I Volunteered
Story of Canadian Vietnam Veterans, The
Tracey Arial 1896239145-S  
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Title Author ISBN No. Remarks
Jet Fighter Performance from Korea to Vietnam Mike Spick 711015821-H  
Journal of a Combat Tanker Vietnam, 1969 Toby L. Brant 0533069858-H  
Jungle Dragoon
Memoir of an Armored Cav Platoon Leader in Vietnam, The
Paul D. Walker 0891416897-H Personal narrative. U.S. Army. 1st Squadron/4th Cavalry, 1st Infantry Division. 1966.
Jungle Rules
A True Story of Marine Justice in Vietnam
Charles W. Henderson 042521186X-H "A true story of murder, justice, and the military from the author of Marine Sniper"
Jungle Tracks
Australian Armour in Viet Nam
Gary McKay, Graeme Nicholas 1865084492-S  
Jungle Warriors, The
True Story, A
Bobby Briscoe 0967651816-S  
Just a Sailor
Navy Diver's Story of Photography, Salvage, and Combat, A
Steve L. Waterman 0804119376-S  
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Title Author ISBN No. Remarks
Agent Orange & an American Family
Clifford L. Linedecker 0312451121-H  
Khe Sanh Michael Ewing 0553344587-S (TheIllustrated History of the Vietnam War series)
Khe Sanh
Operation Niagara
Warren A. Trest 0923135642-S  
Khe Sanh
Siege in the Clouds:
Oral History, An
Eric Hammel 0517572680-H  
Killing Zone, The
My Life in the Vietnam War
Frederick Downs 0393310892-S Personal narrative. U.S. Army. 1st Battalion/14th Infantry, 4th Infantry Division. 1967.
Kiss the Boys Goodbye
How the United States Betrayed Its Own POWs in Vietnam
Monika Jensen-Stevenson,
William Stevenson
K-9 Soldiers
Vietnam and After
Paul B. Morgan 1555714951-S Personal narrative. U.S. Army dog handlers. 1970.
Knives of the United States Military in Vietnam Michael W. Silvey 0965554406-H  
Battle for the Central Highlands
Peter A. Liebchen 0923135669-S  
The Battle to Save South Vietnam
Thomas P. McKenna 081313398X-H  
Kontum Diary
Captured Writings Bring Peace to a Vietnam Veteran
Paul Reed,
Ted Schwarz
Ron Kovic
Paralyzed U.S. Marine Who Became an Antiwar Activist, The
Nathaniel Moss,
John Callahan,
Jerry Lewis
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Title Author ISBN No. Remarks
Lam Son 719 Nguyen Duy Hinh 092313512X-S  
Lam Son 719
South Vietnamese Incursion into Laos, The
J.F. Loye, Jr.,
et al
Landing Zones
Combat Vets from America's Proud, Fighting South Remember Vietnam
James R. Wilson 0822310414-H
Landing Zones
Southern Veterans Remember Vietnam
James R. Wilson 0822310414-H 24 stories of Vietnam veterans from the South.
Land of Nam, The
Vietnam War in American Film, The
Eben J. Muse 0810829525-H  
Land of Tears
In Vietnam, 1967-1968
Harry C. Graham 157249218X-S  
Larry Burrows
Larry Burrows 037541102X-H Life magazine photographer, Larry Burrows.
Last Battle, The
Mayaguez and the End of the Vietnam War, The
Ralph Wetterhahn 0786708581-H  
Last Day in Vietnam
Memory, A
Will Eisner 1569715009-S  
Last Flight From Saigon Thomas G. Tobin   (USAF Southeast Asia Monograph Series #6)
Last Letters Jim Lowe 160441927X-S Comments about letters written home by a Marine MACV lieutenant.
Last Man Out
Personal Account of the Vietnam War, A
James E. Parker 1887269223-H
Personal narrative. US Army and CIA. 1965-1972.
Last Men Out
The True Story of America's Heroic Final Hours in Vietnam
Bob Drury , Tom Clavin 143916102X-S Last days of Vietnam War.
Last Medal of Honor, The Pete Billac   Story of Green Beret Sergeant Roy Benavidez.
Last Out
4RAR/NZ (ANZAC) Battalion's Second Tour in Vietnam
Jerry Taylor 1865085618-H  
Last Reflections on a War
Bernard B. Fall's Last Comments on Vietnam
Bernard B. Fall 0811709043-S  
Law & Responsibility in Warfare
Vietnam Experience, The
Peter D. Trooboff 0807812390-H  
LBJ and Vietnam
Different Kind of War, A
George C. Herring 0292730853-H
Lead, Follow, or Get the Hell Out of the Way! Ron Yerman 0533119820-H  
Leading the Way
How Vietnam Veterans Rebuilt the U. S. Military
Al Santoli 0345389743-S  
Vietnam War in the American Imagination, The
D. Michael Shafer 0807054003-H  
Legacy of a War
American Soldier in Vietnam, The
Ellen Frey-Wouters,
Robert Laufer
Legacy of Discord
Voices of the Vietnam War Era
Gil Dorland 1574882155-H  
Legacy of Vietnam
War, American Society and the Future of American Foreign Policy, The
Anthony Lake (Editor) 081474964X-H  
Legacy of Vietnam Veterans and Their Families
Survivors of War:
Catalysts for Change
Dennis K. Rhoades,
Michael R. Leaveck (Editors)
Lessons of the Vietnam War Jerold M. Starr 0945919166-H  
Lessons of the Vietnam War
Critical Examination of School Texts and an Interpretive Comparative History Utilizing the Pentagon Papers, A
William L. Griffen, John Marciano 0916672271-S  
Lest We Forget
Kingsmen, 101st Aviation Battalion, The
William C. Meacham 0804119171-S Personal narrative. U.S. Army assault helicopters. Bravo Co., 101st Airborne Battalion. Cu Chi.
Let Me Tell You Where I've Been
Photographs & Interviews with Seven Vietnam Veterans
Janice Rogovin 0962178306-S  
Letters on the Wall
Offerings and Remembrances from the Vietnam Veterans Memorial
Michael Sofarelli 0061148776-H
Lieutenant Calley
His Own Story
William Calley, John Sack 0670428213-H  
Life after Vietnam
How Veterans & Their Loved Ones Can Heal the Psychological Wounds of War
Delores A. Kuenning 1557782318-H  
Life and Death in the Central Highlands
An American Sergeant in the Vietnam War
James T. Gillam 1574412922-H  
Life in a Year, A
American Infantryman in Vietnam, The
James R Ebert 0891415009-H
Personal narratives. U.S. Army and Marines. The life of the grunt in Vietnam from "FNG" to back in "the World."
Life Is War but You Can Win
Vietnam Veteran's Survival Guide for Everyone, A
Tony Anthony 096309761X-S  
Life on the Line
Stories of Vietnam Air Combat
Philip Chinnery 0312025998-H Personal narratives. 1961-1972.
Light at the End of the Tunnel
Vietnam War Anthology, A
Andrew Jon Rotter 0842027122-H  
Light Ruck
Vietnam 1969
Tom Lacombe 1893846563-S Personal narrative. U.S. Army. 4th Infantry Division. Central Highlands. 1969.
Marine Company Commander in Vietnam
R.D. Camp,
Eric Hammel
0671704362-S Personal narrative. U.S.M.C. 3rd Battalion/26th Marines. 1967-1968.
Limits of Air Power, The
American Bombing of North Vietnam, The
Mark Clodfelter 0029059909-H  
Untold Story of the Air Raids over North Vietnam, The
Karl J. Eschmann 0804103747-S  
Linebacker Raids, The
Bombing of North Vietnam, The
John Smith 1854094505-H
Linebacker II
View From the Rock, A
James R. McCarthy
George B. Allison
  (USAF Southeast Asia Monograph Series #8)
Line Doggie
Foot Soldier in Vietnam
Charles Gadd 0891412883-H Personal narrative. U.S. Army. 1st Battalion/501st Infantry, 101st Airborne. 1967.
Lions of Medina
An Epic Account of Marine Valor during the Vietnam War
Doyle D. Glass 0978586107-H Charlie Company, First Marines, First Marine Division, 1967.
Little Alamo, The
Real Life Story of Bradford's Bandits at Dong Ha Air Base, The
Vietnam 1965-1966
William D. Bland 1595711244-H
Live from the Battlefield
From Vietnam to Baghdad:
35 Years in the World's War Zones
Peter Arnett 0671755862-H  
Living and the Dead, The
Robert McNamara and Five Lives of a Lost War
Paul Hendrickson 0679427619-H  
Living Room War Michael J. Arlen,
Robert J. Thompson
Lockheed C-130 Hercules Martin W. Bowman 1861262051-H Workhorse air transport of the Vietnam War.
(Crowood Aviation Series)
Lonely Girls with Burning Eyes Marian Faye Novak 0316613231-H The Vietnam War through the eyes of a wife of a Marine.
Lonely Kind of War, A
Forward Air Controller Vietnam
Marshall Harrison 0891413529-H
Personal narrative. U.S. Air Force. FAC OV-10 pilot.
Long Binh Jail
Oral History of Vietnam's Notorious U.S. Military Prison, An
Cecil Barr Currey 1574881868-H
Long Gray Line, The
American Journey of West Point's Class of 1966, The
Rick Atkinson 0805062912-S The lives of the class of 1966 through Vietnam.
Long Range War, The
Sniping in Vietnam
Peter R. Senich 0873647890-H
Long Time Passing
Vietnam and the Haunted Generation
Myra MacPherson 0253340039-H
A study on the effects of the war on the generation asked to fight it.
Looking Back on the Vietnam War
1990s Perspective on the Decisions, Combat, and Legacies, A
William Head,
Lawrence E. Grinter (Editors)
0275945553-S Compares and contrasts the Gulf and Vietnam Wars.
Looking for a Hero
Staff Sergeant Joe Ronnie Hooper and the Vietnam War
Peter Maslowski, Don Winslow 0803224931-S  
Lost Battalion, The
Controversy and Casualties in the Battle of Hue
Charles A. Krohn 0275945324-H Account of the battle outside of Hue during the Tet Offensive when the 2nd Battalion/12th Cavalry, 1st Cavalry Divison was surrounded and suffered heavy casualties.
Lost Crusade, The
America in Vietnam
Chester Cooper 0396062415-   
Lost Crusade, The
America's Secret Cambodian Mercenaries
Peter Scott 1557508461-H  
Lost Over Laos
True Story of Tragedy, Mystery, and Friendship, A
Richard Pyle, Horst Faas 0306811960-H
Lost Victory
Firsthand Account of America's 16-Year Involvement in Vietnam by the Former Director of the CIA, A
William Colby,
James McCargar
Love to All, Jim
Young Man's Letters from Vietnam, A
James G. Rowe 0894070967-S  
Low Level Hell
Scout Pilot in the Big Red One, A
Hugh L. Mills, Jr.,
Robert Anderson
Personal narrative. U.S. Army helicopter pilots. 1st Squadron/4th Cavalry, 1st Infantry Division. 1969.
Professional, The
Frank Camper 0440200091-S  
LRRP Company Command
Cav's LRP/Rangers in Vietnam, The
Kregg P.J. Jorgenson 0804119201-S  
LRRP Team Leader John Burford 0804110513-S Personal narrative. U.S. Army. F Co., 58th Infantry. 1968.
Lullabies for Lieutenants
Memoir of a Marine Forward Observer in Vietnam
Franklin Cox 0786447192-S  
Lyndon Johnson & Vietnam
Unmaking of a President, The
Herbert Y. Schandler 0691075867-H
Lyndon Johnson's Dual War
Vietnam & the Press
Kathleen J. Turner 0226817318-H
Lyndon B. Johnson's Vietnam Papers
Documentary Collection, A
David M. Barrett (Editor) 0890967415-H  
Lyndon Johnson's War
America's Cold War Crusade in Vietnam
Michael H. Hunt 0809016044-S  
Lyndon Johnson's War
Road to Stalemate in Vietnam, The
Larry Berman 0393026361-H  
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Title Author ISBN No. Remarks
MACV-SOG Command Histories Charles F. Reske 0939427621-S  
MACV-SOG Command History Annex B 1971-1972
Last Secret of the Vietnam War, The
Charles F. Reske 0685588440-S  
MACV-SOG Command History Annex B 1971-1972
Last Secret of the Vietnam War Vol. 1, The
Charles F. Reske 0939427605-S  
MACV-SOG Command History Annex B 1971-1972
Last Secret of the Vietnam War Vol. 2, The
Charles F. Reske 0939427613-S  
Mad Minutes and Vietnam Months
Soldier's Memoir, A
Michael Clodfelter 0786003375-S Personal narrative. 101st Airborne. 1965-1966.
Magic 100
F-105 Fighter Pilot's 100 Combat Missions in Vietnam, An
Al Lenski 1563112221-H Personal narrative. U.S. Air Force F-105 pilots. 1967.
Magnificent Bastards, The
Joint Army-Marine Defense of Dong Ha, The
Keith William Nolan 0891414851-H
The 2/4 Marines (the "Magnificent Bastards"), 1/3 Marines, and 3rd Bn/21st Inf, 196th Infantry Brigade combined to fight in the area around Dai Do.
Major General Nguyen Van Hieu, ARVN
Revealing Insight of the ARVN and a Unique Perspective of the Vietnam War, A
Tin Tin Nguyen 0595006965-S  
Making of a Hero Wayne Greenhaw   Account of Lt. William Calley and My Lai 4.
Man of the River
Memoir of a Brown Water Sailor in Vietnam
Jimmy R. Bryant 188790123X-S  
Marble Mountain Officer's Club Annex
Flying Devil Dogs in Vietnam
Quinn Mulhearn 1403316252-S  
Marine Corps in Vietnam, The Charles D. Melson 1841761052-S (Osprey History)
Marine Helo
Helicopter War in Vietnam with the US Marine Corps
David M. Petteys 0967179300-S  
Marine Rifleman
Forty-Three Years in the Corps
Wesley L. Fox 1574885294-S Story of Wesley Fox, three war veteran and Medal of Honor recipient.
Marines, The Edwin H. Simmons 055334448X-S (The Illustrated History of the Vietnam War series)
Marines and Military Law in Vietnam
Trial by Fire
Vol. 1
Malcolm Muir, Gary D. Solis 0160020018-S  
Marines in Hue City
A Portrait of Urban Combat, Tet 1968
Eric Hammel 0760325219-S Marines of Task Force X-Ray; Tet Offensive
Marines in Vietnam Christopher J. Anderson 1853675075-S  
Marines in Vietnam, 1954-1973
Anthology & Annotated Bibliography, An
E.H. Simmons 0160021286-H  
Marine Sniper
93 Confirmed Kills
Charles Henderson 0425103552-S
Story of Marine sniper Carlos Hathcock.
Mark, The
War Correspondent's Memoir of Vietnam and Cambodia, A
Jacques Leslie 156858024X-H  
Marshaling the Faithful
Marines' First Year in Vietnam, The
Charles W. Henderson 0425139573-S  
Masters of War
Military Dissent and Politics in the Vietnam Era
Robert Buzzanco 0521599407-S  
Matter of Conscience, A
GI Resistance During the Vietnam War
Wilma Seidenberg,
William Short
Matter of Survival
"War" Jane Never Saw, The
Chris Noel,
Bill Treadwell
0828319030-H Hollywood actress working for the Pentagon in Vietnam
Personal War of a Vietnam Cobra Pilot, The
Dennis Marvicsin 0515106623-S  
Maya Lin
Honoring Our Forgotten Heroes
Bob Italia 1562392344-H The designer of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial.
Marine Corps Battalion 74
    Photo history of the MCB-74.
McDonnell Douglas F-4 Phantom II
Robert F. Dorr 0830686177-S  
McNamara Strategy and the Vietnam War, The
Program Budgeting in the Pentagon
Gregory Palmer 031320313X-H  
Medal of Honor
Vietnam Warrior's Story, A
Roy P. Benavidez,
John R. Craig
0028810988-H Story of Green Beret Roy Benavidez who was awarded the Medal of Honor for his actions in Vietnam in 1968.
Medal of Honor
One Man's Journey from Poverty and Prejudice
Roy P. Benavidez 1574882031-S  
Story of a Conscientious Objector in the Vietnam War, The
Ben Sherman 0595254209-S  
Medical Support of the U.S. Army in Vietnam
Spurgeon Neel    
Medicine in Vietnam at War   0901302015-S  
Memorial, The
Novel of the Vietnam War, A
James H., Jr. Amos 059517440X-S  
Memories of a U. S. Marine Sergeant of World War II, Korea, & Vietnam Charles E. Gaither 0805932976-S  
Memories of Maggie
Martha Raye:
Legend Spanning Three Wars, A
Noonie Fortin 1880292181-S Story of Martha Raye, who among other things, entertained the troops in Vietnam.
Memphis, Nam, Sweden
Story of a Black Deserter, The
Terry Whitmore,
Richard P. Weber
Men Behind the Trident, The
SEAL Team One in Vietnam
Dennis J. Cummings 1557501394-H
Personal narrative. U.S. Navy. SEAL Team One. 1962-1972.
Men of Honor
Thirty-Eight Highly Decorated Marines of World War II, Korea and Vietnam
Kenneth N. Jordan 0764302477-H  
Men We Left Behind
Abandonment & Betrayal of American POWs after the Vietnam War, The
Mark Sauter 1882605039-H  
Mercenaries and Lyndon Johnson's 'More Flags'
Hiring of Korean, Filipino and Thai Soldiers in the Vietnam War, The
Robert M. Blackburn 0899509312-H  
Accounting for the Missing in Southeast Asia
Paul D. Mather 0788123963-S  
MIA Rescue
LRPP Manhunt in the Jungle
Kregg P.J. Jorgenson 0873648226-H Ambush and the later rescue of a LRPP patrol in Cambodia.
MIA Rescue
LRPPs in Cambodia
Kregg P.J. Jorgenson,
Owen Lock
Mighty Midgets at War
Saga of the LCS(L) Ships from Iwo Jima to Vietnam, The
Robin L. Rielly 1555715222-S  
MiG Kill Markings of the Vietnam War
Colours and Markings
Bert Kinzey 1853106127-S  
MiG Master
Story of the F-8 Crusader, The
Barrett Tillman 087021585X-H  
MIG-17 and MIG-19 Units of the Vietnam War Istvan Toperczer 1841761621-S  
Mig-21 Units of the Vietnam War Istvan Toperczer 1841762636-S (Combat Aircraft, 29)
Mike Force Lewis Burruss 0595165249-S  
Mindful Moment, The Tim Page 0500542422-H  
Mission on the Ho Chi Minh Trail
Nature, Myth and War in Vietnam
Richard L. Stevens 0806127686-H  
Mission Vietnam
Royal Australian Air Force Operations
George Odgers    
First Person Stories of the F-100 Fast FACs in the Vietnam War
Mobile Guerrilla Force James C. Donahue 0312961642-S Operation Blackhawk-31
Mobile Guerrilla Force
With the Special Forces in War Zone D
James C. Donahue,
Mark Gatlin (Editor)
Mobile Riverine Forces Turner Publishing 1563113821-H The "Brown Water" navy in Vietnam.
Moc Hoa
Vietnam Medical-Military Adventure, A
Larry Kammholz 0962269646-S  
Moon Dash Warrior
Story of an American Indian in Vietnam, a Marine from the Land of the Lumbee, The
Delano Cummings 0965185834-H  
More Than a Soldier's War
Pacification in Vietnam
Edward P. Metzner 0890966664-H  
Morning Glories Among the Peas
Vietnam Veteran's Story, A
James Seddon 0608001252-S  
Muffled Shots
Year on the DMZ, A
William Roskey 0595149510-S  
Multicultural Portrait of the War in Vietnam, A David K. Wright 0761400524-H  
My Father, My Son Elmo Zumwalt, III,
Elmo R. Zumwalt, Jr.
My Hurt Is Over
Miserable Experience of a Combat Infantryman in the Vietnam War, The
William B. Butler 0898963958-S  
My Lai
Brief History with Documents, A
James S. Olson,
Randy Roberts
My Lai 4 Seymour Hersh 0394437373-H Interviews with members of Charlie Company who participated in the attack.
My Lai Massacre and Its Cover-up
Beyond the Reach of the Law
William Peers 0029122406-H  
My Private Vietnam
14 Stories by a Marine Ammo Humper
Tony Newsom 1588202240-S  
My Secret War Richard S. Drury 0816868417-H Personal narrative. U.S. Air Force pilot. Laos operations.
My Tour in Hell
A Marine's Battle with Combat Trauma
David Warren Powell 1932690239-S U.S. Marines; 1966–1967
Myth of Inevitable U.S. Defeat in Vietnam C. Dale Walton 0714651877-H  
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